Ely, Nevada UFO Crash  

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Saucer Collision Over Utah

1952 is "The year of the saucer" as Project Bluebook would call it. With more reports than any other year during the United States military's official report on flying saucers from 1952-1969. While public's eye was keeping a close watch on the latest updates from the Korean War and President Truman, A remote area of Nevada was experiencing arguably one of the most bizarre and amazing events ever to occur in the 20th century.


In the Summer of 1952 an unidentified aerial object was reported to have been flying low to the ground near Salt Lake City, Utah on fire. The object was gaseous, blue, and traveled at a high rate of speed. 9 states covering an area from Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and more had reports of this thing flying overhead. Just as the object passed near the Nevada / Utah border, a large explosion was reported.

One witness near Elko, Nevada reported a "flaming craft, similar to the shape of a tadpole" on fire descending at a rapid rate of speed. The object smashed into the ground with a second "Sonic boom" as some would say to the local news media. Shortly after, a large wildfire was reported that burned for several days and was one of the biggest in Nevada state history. Amongst the flaming desert landscape and circling military bombers, laid a craft not of this Earth. . . .


To the South, civilian pilots reported a second object one hour after the Northern crashed. This site however, was not visited by the military as quickly as the site to the North as witnesses stated.

What happened next?


Check back for the release date of Jeremy's upcoming book on the incident named "Touchdown: An Investigative Look Into Nevada's UFO Crashes And Landings" and other media releases for the answers! The truth is stranger than anybody could have ever imagined!