Ely, Nevada UFO Crash  

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Ely UFO Crashes

1952 Copper Mine Incident

This is the most popular story that appears on the internet when one searches the "Ely UFO crash." The event occurred during the winter of 1952 during the night shift at the Robinson Copper Mine formally owned by Kennecott. Mine workers and other witnesses say that a silver-metallic craft crashed into a snow bank on the edge of the mine property. Local sheriff and the U.S. military arrived on the scene and cordoned off the area telling the locals that a small plane had crashed and that they needed to go home and not interfere with the clean-up efforts. Once the debris was cleared, a convoy of military trucks drove out of the back entrance to the mine and took the wreckage to Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah to be shipped off elsewhere.

Project High Range

In 1955 the Government built a top-secret facility atop Kimberly Mountain overlooking the crash site as part of Operation High Range. The facility was created with the intention of tracking the high altitude X-15 rocket plane as it flew across the area heading from Edwards Air Force Base in California to Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah. Once the X-15 program came to a close, the facility was used to track cruise missiles and other "top secret" vehicles.

"There was something strange going on there... something I can't talk about."

-Former Kimberly tracking station employee

1962 / 1964 Train Incident             

     Around noon an ore train was traveling around a bend outside of Ely, Nevada when the crew saw trouble ahead. The train tracks were destroyed and the train had to make an emergency stop to avoid a derailment. The brakeman hit the brakes quickly and the train stopped just in time to avoid a tragedy. Once the train came to rest the crew could see that something unusual had occurred. A metallic disc had come from the sky, crashed into the railroad tracks, and settled some distance away in some desert scrub brush at the base of a nearby mountain.

"The tracks were twisted like pretzels. Every which way you could imagine..."

-Brakeman for the Nevada Northern Railroad.    

Several crew members stepped off of the train and saw a "prominent local rancher and her friend(s) on horseback" in the distance climbing on the object and picking up small pieces of debris before leaving the scene. The stranded crew was greeted shortly and escorted away by a convoy of military personnel armed with "rifles, huge flatbed trucks, and the biggest train in the county." 

The story goes on!

-What was the craft?

-Why are the men in black still harassing the witnesses?

-Where did the crew go?

-Where are the alien bodies?