Ely, Nevada Ufo Crash

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Book Announcement!

Jeremy Meador is currently working on a book that will encompass the Ely Ufo crash events in their entirety and more!



Today I uploaded new media and other content to the website including new pages.



The mystery rock analysis has been put into a post format on my personal blog. Posted for those who want to see some extra photos of the rock and a detailed page dedicated to the sample.

"As we stood at the base of the mountain, we seen the most horrible, terrifying creature we had ever seen! I will never forget the way it looked at me for the rest of my life.."


What exactly happened in the Northern Nevada area in the 1950's?


The story of the Ely, Nevada ufo crash is an amazing set of events involving a crashed flying saucer, living alien beings from another world, and the story of the military and it's effort to cover-up the evidence. What many consider to be the "Ely crash" is actually a series of events covering a 25 year period with several different events occurring.